Urban Living Partnership

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Advisory Group

The RCUK/Innovate UK Urban Living Partnership convened an Advisory Group in April 2016 to provide advice on the strategic direction, development and implementation of the partnership.

The Group will meet 2-3 times a year and brings together cross-disciplinary and cross-sectorial expertise. The Group is chaired by Professor Rachel Cooper, Lancaster University and Director of 'ImaginationLancaster'.

Representatives from RCUK and Innovate UK also attend the meetings of the Advisory Group.

Terms of Reference

The Advisory Group will:

  • provide independent advice to the funding partners on the potential strategic direction of the Partnership;
  • provide advice on the development and coordination of the Urban Living pilot projects;
  • advise on potential synergies and collaborations with other initiatives with a view to ensuring that the Partnership makes the best use of, and adds value to, relevant existing capabilities within the wider research and innovation landscape;
  • act as a sounding board in the development of potential new activities and initiatives including international developments and partnerships;
  • advise the funding partners on the communication, knowledge exchange and engagement plans for the partnership;
  • bring potential new opportunities to the funding partners' attention;
  • liaise with stakeholders in supporting the longer term sustainability of the partnership and to enhance the legacy from the activities it supports.


Membership of the Advisory Group includes:

  • Professor Rachel Cooper, Lancaster University, Chair
  • Julie Alexander, Siemens plc
  • Professor Greg Clarke, Urban Land Institute
  • Professor Brian Collins, University College London
  • Professor Rachel Cooper, Lancaster University and Director of Imagination
  • Lesley Fraser, The Scottish Government
  • Professor Frank Kee, Queens University Belfast
  • Professor Michael Keith, University of Oxford
  • Jarmo Eskelinen, Future Cities Catapult
  • Paul Manners, National Co-ordinating Centre of the National Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE)
  • Lena Milosevic, British Council
  • Dr Deborah Pullen, BRE
  • Tom Saunders, NESTA
  • Professor David Simon, Royal Holloway University of London
  • Dawn Snape, Office for National Statistics
  • Julia Thrift and Kate Henderson, Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA)
  • Professor Catharine Ward-Thompson, University of Edinburgh
  • Juliet Whitworth, Local Government Association